HauteLogic for Online Retail

An end-to-end cloud software solution for footwear and apparel companies to achieve omnichannel success.

Key Features


Unify your existing eCommerce platform with Dynamics 365 using CommerceLink, which enables retailers to centrally manage channels and catalogues to streamline and automate complex business processes including order fulfillment, 360-degree customer view, shipping and payments in real time.

Inventory Management

Ensure store inventory accuracy, decrease losses, and improve inventory operations using scannable devices for counting, backroom location tracking, classifying damaged inventory, receiving, and packing. ASN tracking, carrier integration and shipments tracking boost store performance.

CRM & Loyalty

Achieve a unified view of Customers with cross-channel transactions, and generate personalised offers. Manage Customer wish lists, unified point calculations, comprehensive loyalty programs, gift cards shared across channels, and customer-specific product recommendations.

Small Parcel Shipping

HauteLogic provides pre-built integration with your choice of carrier and print shipping labels automatically at the container close on the packing stations, eliminating the need to maintain 3rd-party shipping software.

Financials for Retail

Fully integrated financial module simplifies retail and POS statement posting, giving you near real-time gross margin, profitability and sales reporting. Automatically feed employee working hours and commission calculations into back office for simplified payroll calculations.